Free online EFL resources?
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Looking for online and ideally free resources for adult EFL/ESL students.

A few students in an EFL class have asked for free resources they could use on their own, at home, to catch up to the other students or for extra practice. They're at an intermediate or lower-intermediate level in terms of vocabulary and comprehension but are still struggling with how to put together a sentence.

I know of a few (somewhat advanced) grammar sites and the BBC materials, but would love to find more.
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The Purdue OWL has a list of ESL resources, and many of the other resources not designated as ESL are still helpful. This one on prepositions is another example.
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Anglais Facile is a site for english learners which mainly addresses a francophone audience, but could be suitable for other ESL learners too. It has video clips and grammar exercises (click on the tab at the top of the page saying "Temps" for these). My students really liked this website.

Also Activities for ESL students has grammar and vocabulary activities, plus bilingual quizzes in a bunch of languages.
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Dave's ESL Cafe has a "Stuff for Students" section.
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Open Educational Resources are the way to go:) have your students check out Open University's free resources, another good resource - but more teacher oriented is a UK-based repository.
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Disclaimer: I have a professional connection with this site.
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Response by poster: Thank you! I'll be checking these out.
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