Aliens kidnapped my house.
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Television movie from the mid to late 80's. Probably on Nickelodeon.a About a kid that gets kidnapped by aliens.

Basically, what I can remember is brief, but it's a scene in which boy wakes up in his room, in his house. But it's not his house. He realizes this, and throws a chair against his window, breaking it, revealing that he is indeed inside a spaceship!

This has bothered me for years, and I figured I should dig into the hive mind. Needless to say, Google has revealed nothing to me. But I'm sure that I watched this.
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The movie is UFO Kidnapped, and it actually used a bunch of actors from You Can't Do That On Television, like Les Lye (Barf the Cook, etc) was a low-life thief that the aliens also picked up. The younger of the two brothers learns that he can control the ship, so they take over. The scene you describe is at the beginning of this clip -- but they figure out their problem because the window won't break.
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Amazing! For years I've wondered if this actually existed...
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