Who is this sky?
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I found this framed photo at a thrift store. The subject looks very familiar, but I can't place him. Who is he? http://imgur.com/yl6nW
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My first guess was Mark Twain. After a google image search I think it might be correct, but I have my reservations.

Here's a pic
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Obviously he's cleaned up a lot in your pic but I think a lot of the facial features and facial expression match.
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Mark Twain was my first thought too, but after looking at photos of him I think his nose was a lot different. But maybe that's who this guy reminds you of.
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Mark Twain didn't usually sport a beard though. He was known for his mustache. My first thought was someone like Wild Bill Hickok or Buffalo Bill or someone of that ilk.
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Response by poster: He does look Mark Twainesque, but I don't think it's him. He also reminds me of Edmund Gwenn, the actor who played Santa in the original Miracle on 34th St.
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Best answer: Edmund Gwenn
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The eyes are different, but otherwise, he reminds me of Albert Schweitzer.
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Definitely not Twain. He doesn't necessarily have to be anyone famous. It's very hard to tell from the image, but sometimes photo studios would use a fake suit and tie and paste in a photo of a man's head, simplifying the sitting/photstyling process. There are a lot of people's grandpas' portraits out there like that. If it does like the suit is oddly painted on, that could be what's going on here, and that's an indication of not having enormous wealth or widespread importance, just enough for the nice studio treatment. Also, his clothing looks 1880-1900. this site is kind of a good reference for dating.
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Best answer: He looks to me like a European novelist or poet for some reason, or a scientist. Not an American, unless a transplant. Definitely not Samuel Clemens.

I've gone through several possibilities in my head and none of them matches up, though. I think it's entirely probable that what Miko says is true, that he's not someone famous.
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Alexander Graham Bell?
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My first thought was Tchaikovsky but couldn't find a match among the photos of him online and after comparing, I don't think so. I think Miko has it.
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Best answer: He probably is reminding you of an actor or movie character. I think he looks like if Richard Farnsworth was in Deadwood.
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Best answer: Harvey Keitel.
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I think it's Robert E Lee.
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The style of clothing looks from around the mid to late 19th century. I go by this image which is about mid 19th century.
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