More Jazz Vocals Sung Through Megaphone Plz
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I would like more music with vocals like that found in Uncle Neptune's Tapioca Pudding Blues. Specifically, jazz music from this period with vocals sung through a megaphone. Any suggestions?

I pulled the mp3 off the web about 5 years ago so I think we're kosher. I'd link the sample from their site but it is behind some funky flash wall that is impossible to link. Besides, their site talks to you and that just plain sucks.
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Squirrel Nut Zippers comes to mind.
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The Real Tuesday Weld can sometimes sound like this, but he often arcs off into darker stuff.
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Lazing on a Sunday afternoon by Queen is a rock homage to that sort of thing.
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New Vaudeville Band - Winchester Cathedral
Maybe Leon Redbone
And of course Rudy Vallee

Hey, lookee there. Strangely enough: previously.
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