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I need to find a variety of gloves for kids, preferably cotton. Not really winter gloves. More of an everyday glove. And variety is key. I tried Etsy, Amazon, Google. Mostly finding wedding or Fancy Ball gloves. How about fake claws? Polka dots? Hoofs?

My daughter burned her hands over Labor Day and in a few days the last of the bandages will be off. She'll need to keep her hands out of the sun for the next three years. Where are all the good gloves for kids found? She's 6 years old now and just about average height. Do gloves have sizes and how do you measure kids? She needs loose gloves, and preferably cotton, for about a month, but then she can have fun with it. They should come at least 5 inches down from the wrist, (three-quarter length?) but she could also wear long sleeves so it isn't required.

Thanks for your help.
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Will cotton parade gloves do? They come in different sizes, including children's.

Or dermal gloves? I don't know how sturdy those would be for day-to-day living.
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(Forgot to add that I'm very sorry to hear about your daughter's burns.)
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Try a tack store oriented towards kids that ride English, they sell a pretty huge variety of gloves, for all kinds of weather and they come with with leather or other grippy palms. Riding gloves tend to be extremely durable, much better than anything you will get at a regular clothing store. Examples here here and here. The first example looks like it might work if the material is OK.

Gloves do come in sizes for adults (you measure around the widest part of your palm in inches, if it's 8 inches you're an "8") but most kids gloves come in small, medium and large. She's probably a small/medium at this point. You might also try ladies smalls, in some brands they are tiny.
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You say that you tried Etsy..but did you try Etsy Alchemy? You can post exactly what you're looking for, and what price you're willing to pay and Etsy members can submit bids to custom make them for you. Though I don't know if they will really be able to get anything to you in time.
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Wow, that is awful, but great that her hands are healing. Do you knit? You can knit some great gloves for children. Three years is a long time, you could really get good at knitting gloves. You could check with Ravelry. It would be fun for your daughter and you to pick out the yarn and patterns.
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:P When I said 'I don't know if they will be able to get anything to you in time' I was reading it as needing them in one month. People can definitely get you some cool things from that time period on.

Oh, and you could also dye plain cotton gloves colors, or paint or draw on them too. She might have fun using fabric crayons to draw pictures you could transfer onto them?
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She's the right age for this.

Once she gets going you can get fabric markers, dye, iron-ons, all kinds of things to customize.

I feel like they should match her socks. I have no idea why I think that, but it seems a fun thing for a kid.
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Check out bell ringing gloves.

Our junior bell choir tie-dyed theirs, and they look adorable.
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I found them!
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Tinkerbell gloves
Spiderman gloves
Winnie the Pooh. Warning: Pink
Old Navy - green

It seems like E-Bay has a variety if you look hard enough.
Good luck!
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I am thinking that over the next 3 years you are going to want all kinds of different gloves so that she can choose something according to her mood or her outfit for that day. Here are some more ideas:

If you want something whimsical, you can buy or make Finger Puppet Gloves.

Various types of athletes wear gloves - hockey, fencing, motorcycle riders, etc.

You can look at costume sites to buy/make bear claws, cat paws, other animals. Pirates wear gloves too, don't they? And princesses.

Here's another place to get more ideas of different types of gloves; these are mostly for professions, but some might work for either playtime or just if they strike a fancy.
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These are all really helpful. Love the parade gloves. Very cheap too which is about what we can afford. Love pretty much all the ideas and links. I think self-decoration is an excellent idea. Even matching her socks. And I really like the Etsy Alchemy idea. Though that may need to only be for special occasions.

I guess I knew it didn't exist but I was kind of wondering if there was a glove site, especially for kid gloves. I've never seen gloves at Kid to Kid or Goodwill, though we're thinking of going to one of the newly-opened Halloween costume stores. Maybe after Halloween when everything's on clearance. Thought that might be a place to find fun gloves.

She's doing quite well, thanks, though trauma's a bit of an issue. Another reason we want to find fun ways to help her through this. Ironically, her bandages were also gloves. They sewed her hands into custom gloves made of a material called Biobrane. Second degree burns healed in two weeks because of this stuff, well that and a silver coated fabric bandage and wrap that really effectively prevented infection. The Biobrane is almost completely peeled off and her fresh pink skin is now exposed. Lots of lotion but no sun allowed. Melanin is the last to come back and that usually takes years. So she'll need gloves.
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These or these would be excellent, although maybe not super functional. I love these stripey ones. I also find ladies driving gloves to be super cute and they are designed to be pretty functional. You could probably search around a bit to find the smallest sizes.
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Gardening gloves might be useful for when she needs to grip things (they usually have rubbery touching surfaces).
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Tons of children's gloves here.

Did the doctors ask her to wear gloves for 3 years? Is is just in the sun or all the time?
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Eventually, she'll be able to go out with sunscreen, but gloves are preferred because sunscreen wears off and while it protects from the sun, it doesn't protect her hands from the cuts and scratches a little kid will get from exuberant play. Yes, this is the doctor's advice, and it applies to just to going out.
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I should also clarify that winter gloves are available almost everywhere in the season, we're trying to find alternatives for the rest of the year. Gloves online is very helpful. Those glow in the dark ones are neat. Wish they were in stock.
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That's helpful - wasn't sure if they had to be sterile cotton gloves for the burns to heal or if it was for protection from the sun and scrapes.

I had an idea for her room - you could string up a clothesline with colourful clothespins, and hang the gloves along it. Then she can pick a pair in the morning to wear.

Is she in school? Are you going to explain to the class or her classmates why she has to wear the gloves? If so, I had an idea that you could bring in a big pack of plain white cotton gloves with some fabric markers, and let the kids decorate a bunch of gloves for her. Maybe they could sign their names and draw her pictures, just like a cast. It might help destigmatize it and help them become part of the solution!

If there are accessory sets that match the gloves, that might be fun to have sometimes. The superman gloves with a cape, a tiara with satin gloves, wings with pink gloves, fire hat with red gloves, cowboy hat with brown gloves... could make it part of the fun, depending on her interests.
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Dora gloves. If she likes Dora, I'd be happy to send her some from my Amazon account.
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We ordered the parade gloves from Amazon and interestingly the order was fulfilled by Gloves Online. They just arrived and the last of her bandages are now finally off. She really likes them and has big plans for their ornamentation. $20 a dozen is very reasonable.

Thank you, everyone.
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