French Movie Name
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French Movie Name. I just can't remember the name of that french movie, it's happens entirely in one night in all over Paris. There was a football (soccer) match, some guys were watching it on a TV in the street, the guy or someone near him broke it and they wanted to kill him and the movie went all insane going all over the place and all over Paris with people getting killed all over the place (for what I can remember).
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Hate. (I don't remember what hate is in French.)
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yep, that's La Haine, an amazing early role for Vincent Cassel.
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Response by poster: Oh no, guys, it's not La Haine.

It's actually a comedy, I should have said that in the post :(
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Best answer: Grégoire Moulin contre l'humanité?
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Response by poster: YES! YES! Thank you so much.
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