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Where to get funky furniture in south of LA?

My SO and I are in a new apartment and with little furniture. We sold most of our belongings when we moved (so satisfying!). Now we'd like to begin buying the essentials for our new space.

Where South of LA (San Diego area preferred) can you find non-ikea, non-traditional, funky furniture? We'd love to be able to walk around a show-room and find some unique pieces. We're looking for everything, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, etc.

We like a mix of traditional and non-traditional. We already know and have acquired used furniture from thrift stores (and refinishing) and we are familiar with those venues. We're just looking to add to the mix with a unique piece or two.

As for budget, we aren't rich, but we'll spend money on the right piece.

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Find your local flea market. The furniture sellers at the huge market in Pasadena (not south of LA, I know) seem to travel in a circuit and hit a variety of places throughout the month. There's almost definitely one in OC or SD.
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Long Beach has a big vintage row and then there's the Long Beach Flea Market. Or you can drive to Tijuana and get stuff made.
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Gallery of Functional Art at Bergamot Station in Los Angeles has artist made works of furniture that are not too expensive.
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Best answer: Maybe a crazy suggestion, but...

If you're up for a weekend trip, drive down to Rosarito, in Mexico -- there are some incredible furniture stores down there and you can get incredible deals. I bought a four-post bed and some very sturdy wooden chairs and a beautiful armoire and tons of little knick-knacky furnishings (mirrors, ceramic butterflies, etc), and all for an absolute steal. These are the same things you can get in your local funky but sturdy LA furniture boutique, just cheaper, by orders of magnitude, because you're in Mexico. It's just a hop, skip and a jump down highway 1, maybe 1 hour south of Tijuana?
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Seconding pazazygeek, that's exactly what I came in to say. Bonus that your stuff won't look exactly like everyone else's (damn you IKEA!)
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