Goopy tub equals sad.
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Claw foot tub and water based paint stuck to it. Help a girl out. I want to take a bubble bath in a non-paint marked tub!

I just repainted all of my interior walls using nice yellow KWAL water based paint and washed some of the brushes out one night in my clawfoot tub. It left a little paint residue and now I can't get it off because the texture of the tub surface isn't smooth like the sink is, it's kind of rough.

What's the best method here? I have tried scrubbing it off with elbow grease and a scrubby. Just attack it with a straight edge razor? Any miracle goop I can burn it off with?? It's a very lovely old tub and has these ugly yellow marks on it now and it is making me kind of sad.
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Goo Gone or Goof Off or something similar should work.
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Goo-gone is good stuff (but it really stinks so make sure area is well ventilated.) for a less stinky solution, you might want to see if something as simple as Zippo fluid (or any Naptha based lighter fluid) would work.
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Fingernails - honest.
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A paste of baking soda and soap.

I refinished a clawfoot tub 3 years ago. I think you should go easy on the enamel. The water-based paint will wear off on its own, but the baking soda and soap will absolutely do the trick with no chemicals or harm to the tub.
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Mister Clean Magic Erasers are pretty good at this kind of thing.
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Bar Keeper's Friend and a moderately stiff bristled scrub brush.

Or if you can feel that it's raised, a hard plastic putty knife. (Or plastic spoon.)
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Rubbing alcohol is a handy solvent for latex paint. Or yeah, scrape it off with a plastic putty knife.
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If you can't pick it off with your nails, try Barkeepers Friend or Bon Ami.

If those don't work, try a Mr. Clean Eraser.

If that doesn't work, get some Trisodium Phosphate at your hardware store.
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