I need suggestions for Mac budgeting software.
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What is the best budgeting software for a Mac that I can sync with an iPhone?

I'd like a Mac software program that:

1. Can set up a weekly or monthly budget
2. Lets me track on-the-go spending via my iPhone
3. Can sync computer & iPhone
4. Does the math for me
5. Easy to use/navigate

It's not necessary to do online bill-pay through the software.
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You Need a Budget is an incredible bit of kit, and can be used across platforms as it's based on Adobe AIR. The iPhone app is pretty good too. Seriously, this bit of software (and the financial 'Rules' that come with it) have pretty much saved by bacon the last couple of years.
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I use a Mac and have tried a lot of the budgeting software, and none of them was as Mac-like and hassle free with account integration, iPhone syncing, wife's computer & phone sync, and overall ease of use as Mint.com. I know it's not exactly what you're asking for, but since it's free, I strongly suggest you give it a try before purchasing anything else.
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I use IXpenseit on the iphone, which lets me import into excel. Not sure if that works for you, but the app is pretty decent (although I really wish I could select the Vendor first and have it automatically fill out the category, etc. based on past entries)
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Have a look at Jumsoft Money.
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Mint.com does budgets and oh so much more. No "syncing" necessary since you create your account and access it through their website. Its free, and they have a nifty iPhone app that is also free that lets you access all of your info.

You can set up your budget, and after it tracks your accounts and credit cards etc and fills in your expenses for you. Its pretty accurate, only 1 out of 30 or so transactions do I need to manually tell it what category it is in.
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Just wanted to MoneyWell to the list. I've been using it for awhile and like it a lot.
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Someone just posted in here, so for anyone looking to answer that specific question, I'll take the time to mention that the previously mentioned Ixpenseit now sets the category, etc. based on past entries once you choose a Vendor.
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