Flying solo in Toronto's nightlife?
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Going to be in Toronto soon and want to enjoy the nightlife.

Actually I grew up in Toronto and I moved away when I was 15. Been back every year since for a bit, so I know the city very well, but this will be my first time in Toronto since I turned 19 and now I can actually, y'know, have a beer.

I'm going to see all my old friends but I'm going to have some time on my own and I'd like to explore the city's nightlife, so I'm looking for places where flying solo isn't awkward. And preferably cheap. What are your favourite places?
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Not sure when you'll be in town, but Shake A Tail is a lot of fun and not very expensive.

It is moving to a new location (Sneaky Dee's) in October, so I'm not sure it is on right now. Generally, it is every Saturday night.

You can find out more on their MySpace page.
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A good choice for a beer downtown is Smokeless Joe (John St south of Queen). The only drawback to the location is its small size, which can be seen as an advantage if you're solo. Good beer selection, staff is great.

Other bars I like where being solo isn't all the weird: The Pilot (Yonge and Bloor area) and The Only (on the Danforth).
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Are you looking for a club? A pub? A lounge? A place to have dinner that you can hang out at for drinks later?
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Anything! Everything! Somewhere to hang out and meet interesting people.
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