KHAAAAAAAN this be valuable?
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Many, many years ago now I picked up a small toy Klingon battlecruiser, made by Corgi in the UK. It's still packaged (blister-packed) and although the packaging is a bit bashed that's the most unusual thing about it; it proudly declares it's from 'Star Trek II: The Revenge of Khan'. Now I know that was the original working title of STII but aside from this one item I've never seen any physical memorabilia-type items referencing it - I've tried Googling Corgi Collectors pages etc. but again, no joy - do any hardcore Trekkers out there have any idea what (if anything) it might be worth? Many thanks in advance!
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I'm a Trek geek, but not that well versed on model kit history. Especially since this is a British item, it could be hard to find (as far as I know, Trekkies tend to be more focused on the American AMT/ERTL stuff). The wrong name/logo of the film is interesting in itself.

I can point you the HobbyTalk forums, which is home to a lot of Trek modellers.
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Is it a Klingon Bird of Prey? Google has several results for that. I got it by googling "corgi classics klingon" -- and I got the "corgi classics" part by finding it on the Wikipedia page for Corgi (scroll down for the Famous Corgi Classic Limited Models section).
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Response by poster: Many thanks for that link Harry! I'm pretty sure it's the ERTL version rebadged actually...

And apologies amyms, I should have stated - it's a Klingon D7 cruiser, which appears in the movie as part of the Kobayashi Maru test scene.
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Response by poster: It's the same as this one, but with the 'Revenge of Khan' branding...
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Is this it? I can't link to the picture directly, but scroll down about halfway through this page. There's one with "The Vengeance of Khan" from 1982.
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Here's a direct link to the image amyms references.
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Response by poster: That's the chap - looks like I got the name wrong then , that'd explain my lack of success in googling... Thank you both!
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