Export Word styles to OpenOffice Writer?
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Is it possible to export styles from Microsoft Word to OpenOffice Writer?

I have a number of templates with robust style systems in Word 2008 for Mac. While the styles themselves aren't complicated (most of them are paragraph styles with nothing more than font size, bold/italic, line spacing, justification, first line/hanging indents, and outline level), I have a lot of them and don't want to spend the time recreating them manually in OpenOffice. Is there an easy way to export the styles or templates so that I can have them set up in OO?
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Have you tried simply opening the .dot files with Writer? As far as I know, Writer will translate Word styles to Writer styles as it converts the document from Word format.
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In OpenOffice, try:
  1. File -> Wizards -> Document Converter.
  2. On the dialogue that pops up there's an option for 'Microsoft Office' and a sub option 'Word Documents'; select them and click next.
  3. On the second page of the dialogue you can pick a source and target directory as well as 'Word templates'.

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