scammed by karvt cases
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I ordered an iphone case online months ago and never received it. I have emailed 5 times to no response. What do I do now? ( KARVT | MacBook Skins)

KARVT | MacBook Skins: I ordered a Iphone case months and months ago. Aftr my first order I heard back on the first email ( ), then never again. At this point I have emailed them like 6 times and heard nothing. I went back to paypal and got their 'back-end' email off paypal and even emailed that. Still no response....What should I do? BBB is dumb I think, I just want my order.
What jerks!
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You paid with PayPayl? Go to PayPal and start a dispute with them (not sure exactly what it's called, but that's where you start).
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ah, "moths and months ago" might be a problem for PayPal. there's a chance that you're out of luck, up a creek without a paddle, screwed, fucked, hosed, etc. you probably should have contacted PayPal months and months minus a week ago, but at least give it a try.
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Write to the Consumerist?

Complain on KARVTs Facebook page?

Tweet at them?

Open a dispute via Paypal (assuming you paid that way)?
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they are obviously still in business considering their twitter and facebook presence.

BBB is totally useless.
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i just contacted the company through the email addresses available on their website, and i got a quick, sincere, and courteous response from the owner. i sent the contact info to the OP, so that their issue could be taken care of through this avenue. the company is apparently new, but my experience shows me that they are on top of things, responsive, and aware that there have been some technical issues dogging their business. i hope that they are ironed out, because: what a cool case, and if i owned any mac products, i would be rocking them with the karvt wood-grain cases. all the best to the OP and the karvt company.
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I wanted to update my experience and weirdness continues. Kurt got right back to me and said sorry and offered me a free skin and promised to have my order by the end of the week delivered. To which I replied, I do not want free stuff, ( it doesn't make you less jerks, imo) I want what I ordered. Kurt told me they are a new company and there were mistakes in getting going or whatever.
If you are taking orders you are taking on a responsibility, it isn't my problem if you are a *new* company. I told him that it is funny all the million emails I sent to customer service etc could not get through yet their paypal to take my money worked immediately and perfectly.
Kurt then asked if I still want the case, he reimbursed me the money.
I told him I do want the case. I do not want freebies( why let them *buy* me off), I want what I ordered. He told me prior it would arrive by Friday( why all this back n forth?). Then he told me he tracked the origonal order and it was delivered the same day as all of these emails. how odd/ convenient. But it wasn't! and why would it be delivered 7 weeks later on that SAME day we started emailing.
Last night I ordered what I wanted. I know, I am dumb but I want the case. Just for the hell of it I tried to use the free codes he had given me and THEY DIDN'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, Then I slammed them on twitter as I will warn people( I have alot of followers and tweet a fair amount). and they tweeeted that they gave me free stuff and I got the original order( which neither is true!) and ended with " off your meds?"
insulting me!!!!!!!!!!! Is this forreal? What else can i do here? I understand this is the downfall of not going through amazon, these companies can insult their customers and be total aholes but there has to be a way to make other people know of this insanity?
I think the insults on twitter were just the icing on the cake- how professional.
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