Help me push my buttons.
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I have 20 lbs of beautiful antique and vintage buttons of every size, shape, material and form. I recuperating from surgery for the next 4 weeks. Can you suggest projects to utilize my time and materials?

I have this massive stash of amazing buttons, and would love links and tutorials to really interesting and inventive button jewelry and crafts of a wearable and/or decorative nature. I have limited sewing skills, but other crafting ninja skills, and access to other tools and materials. I would like to steer clear of overly country/folksy styles, although steampunk would be fine. Thanks for the inspiration!
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Best answer: make button wreaths!!
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Do you knit? You could treat the buttons like beads, and thread them on your yarn before you start knitting.
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Button necklaces can be pretty awesome, and won't look too happy-hands-at-home depending on what type of buttons you use and what you string them on.
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Wire-wrapping? I can't point to specific good tutorials, but I know they're out there.
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Best answer: Button Bouquets!
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Best answer: This book is available with tons of projects for buttons. Have fun.
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She also has a great web site. Button it Up.
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I always wanted to make a skirt with buttons all around the hem. It could get heavy really fast, though.
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You could always go Cthulu on these... (I'd go 'squee!' but I keep picturing these with grotesque little details, something a bit more tilted toward Halloween. Then hand them out to fiends/friends with a certain sense of humor.)

Or make your own version of a stupid sock creature (a dragon, perhaps?) and cover it with buttons!
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Best answer: Here's another button bouquet using paper.
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2nd button bouquets! I made one in grad school that sat prominently in my apartment and it always got many compliments!
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Nth-ing button bouquets and button wreaths. And also adding the idea of button mosaics.
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Response by poster: So many lovely ideas, but the wreaths and bouquets are especially nice! I love what you guys are showing me so far!
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Etsy inspiration.
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I've made button chandelier earrings with buttons, jump rings, and earring hooks.
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Just a note: I'm not sure if you are a button collector yourself or if the buttons are from another source. I have a couple of relatives who are seriously into button collecting, and it's conceivable you might have some that are worth money to a collector. If you're thinking about doing anything irreversible to some of them, especially really unique or eye-catching ones, it might be worth a buzz through eBay or whatever to double-check that you won't be wrecking a $50 button.
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Check out the button art section of the Button Candy blog. I especially love the "Hello" mosaic!
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Awhile back I got inspiration from vintage button cards I saw for sale on Etsy and I designed my own button cards (or you could print out a vintage button card found oniline - search Flickr), then sew or glue 4 buttons on the card and use it as a greeting card for snail mail or sell them on Etsy. If the buttons are sewn on securely you may be able to mail the card without an envelope. There was a question likes this recently here (What can I mail?).
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What lobstermitten said. I have sold single buttons for hundreds of dollars. And some of them weren't eye catching at all.
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antiquated, do you know what's a good resource she could use to check values?
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Response by poster: Lobstermitten: I am not a collector... these are from my mother-in-law who was a dress designer and master seamstress from the 50's through the 90's. My sister-in-law has already sorted through them and taken the ones she wanted- which were many of the old ones and oddities, so this is what's left. The bulk are primarily from the companies where she worked, and are probably nothing valuable, although there's always a chance there could be something spectacular in the mix. However, I am not going to sweat it too much. We just a spent the last three years dealing his parents estate- appraising, dividing, selling, tossing, etc. I'm just not overly concerned if I "misuse" a valuable button.

However, I would be interested in any good resources that antiquated
might suggest.
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Your librbary may have books, there are several really nice books about antique buttons published in the last 10 years, and they would be a good way to quickly check for any treasures.
I have this one and it's been helpful.
But not sweating it too much sounds sensible to me, have fun with your buttons!
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