Looking for the title to a book for which I think I remember the plot.
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Bookfilter - A friend recommended a book to me 15 years ago and I'm a) ready to read the book but b) am out of touch with the friend and c) cannot remember the name of the book!

Thought I remembered it as "The Prisoner Within" but that's obviously wrong (after a quick search on Amazon.com).

Rough plot, as I remember: Prisoner is put in a straightjacket and then is transported (real, imagined?) to other places and/or times. The tighter the jacket, the better. When released, he comes back to the present.

What's the book title?
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Is it The Star Rover by Jack London?
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Jack London's "The Star Rover" was published in 1915--right idea, but perhaps older than the work you're seeking?

"The Star Rover is a novel by American writer Jack London published in 1915 (published in the United Kingdom as The Jacket). It is a story of reincarnation.

"A framing story is told in the first person by Darrell Standing, a university professor serving life imprisonment in San Quentin State Prison for murder. Prison officials try to break his spirit by means of a torture device called "the jacket," a canvas jacket which can be tightly laced so as to compress the whole body, inducing angina. Standing discovers how to withstand the torture by entering a kind of trance state, in which he walks among the stars and experiences portions of past lives."
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. I think this is it (else I'll be back to ask again.) The books available from The Gutenberg Project.
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If the Jack London piece is what you had in mind, then you may also be interested in The Jacket, a 2005 film based on the same story.
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