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I would like to buy a collection of display fonts, i.e. fonts that designed more for being used in the headline of ads or editorial layouts i.e. they stand out and don't look like the more typical serifs and sans serifs. I'm not looking for a particular style (brush, grunge etc) but rather a collection that has examples from numerous styles. Open Type is preferred, but not necessary. Suggestions? Yes, I know about and the like. I'd prefer to buy a collection, thanks.
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I buy fonts from Fontdiner and if my memory is correct, all they have is collections. Both Open Type and True Type. Really great ones.
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House Industries sells many of their display faces in collections. So does P22 Type Foundry. Both tend toward styles that are inspired by vintage type or are otherwise theme-y.
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veer has some nice collections.
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Response by poster: I'd love to see something like this: A collection of X number of fonts like the Decorative and Display Category from MyFonts.
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If you need any scripts, Studipos will make you think you've died and gone to heaven.
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The Cambridge Collection CD from Bitstream is probably the most cost-effective package of commercial fonts you can buy — 200 fonts for $199.

If you want to step it up, Type Oddyssey is 1,450 fonts for $1,495.

TWinbrook8 - it's Sudtipos (type from the South) but I don't blame you for mistaking it with the other Spanish word.

The best way to get nearly all the Sudtipos fonts at once is Veer’s Alejandro Paul Sudtipos Collection, but that will set you back $4000.
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