Shortest Atlantic to Pacific continental US distance?
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Shortest Atlantic to Pacific distance in continental US?

By car and within the continental US (lower 48), what is the shortest driving distance / route from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean? According to Google Maps it looks like the interstate route from Jacksonville Beach, FL, to San Diego, CA, may be the shortest, at 2,362 miles.
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The Gulf of Mexico is part of the Atlantic Ocean so wouldn't the shortest route be from somewhere near Houston?
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San Diego to Corpus Christi might fit the bill. 1,419 miles.
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Or if you want Atlantic Ocean that is no the Gulf of Mexico, then San Diego to Jacksonville is 2,336 miles.
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One thing to note is that Google Maps directions gives the fastest route, not the shortest, and does not appear to have an option to calculate the shortest route. For this question, I'd suggest using MapQuest with the "Shortest Distance" option selected.

Second, specifying only cities as destinations will plot a route between predefined points within those cities, usually near the city center. For a true ocean-to-ocean distance, you should calculate the distance between specific points of interest or addresses that are as near the shore as possible.

For example, if we're not counting the Gulf of Mexico, one candidate might be 1 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville FL to 2100 Spray St., San Diego CA2350 miles.
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Best I came up with in terms of getting right down as close to the water.
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