how to get to lint off towels
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How do you get the lint and fluffies to come off new towels so they don't leave fluffies all over you? thanks dudes!
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A pill shaver
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Wash them twice or thrice alone. You may need to clean the lint trap more regularly than usual for this to be most effective.

A pill shaver will take more of your time, cost more of your money, leave you with a device you don't really need, only scratch the surface (pardon the pun).
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Sorry, forgot to clearly specify that you'd want to run them through the dryer twice or thrice as well. Also, you can use the shortest cycle on your washer.
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Thanks guys! I actually thought of the tumble dryer, but alas, they're not as common here in the UK.... I'll defo try the razor blade (as weird as that sounds!).
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Also, don't use fabric softner when you wash them - it makes towels fall apart.
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Run them through a complete wash and dry cycle, at least once. Don't use fabric softener. Use a short wash cycle....they're not really dirty, you just want the agitation to loosen up the fluffies in the towel.

Don't shave them. That will actually give you more fluffies, and not get rid of all the ones on the towel when you get it, as many of them are down inside the pile of the towel.
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Wash and dry them making sure to empty the lint trap several times during the dry cycle. This last part is critical.
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Sorry to be so late cashmein - busy day.
Look at your towels - assuming that they are terry cloth - see the little loops? If you are a thrifty Scotsman you will not want to destroy the towel by severing those loops with a razor!
Do I understand that you do not have access to a clothes dryer? You could vacuum the towels with the attachments. Caution dictates a reduced air flow so you do not end up with the towel in the vacuum. If you lack these tools, take the towels outside and shake them. Arms were invented before dryers (or vacuum cleaners)
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