Treatment of British POWs during the Crimean War?
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History filter: can you point me to sources on the treatment of British POWs during the Crimean War?

I'm having a hard time finding information about what was actually done with British prisoners of war during the Crimean War -- details like where they were kept, how they were treated, how and when they were exchanged, and so on.

Books on the war itself -- and on the history of POWs more generally -- aren't yielding much info, and what information I have gathered seems contradictory. (For example, I've read that Russians treated the British very well; and, conversely, in outraged editorials published in London newspapers of the time, that wounded British and French soldiers were being killed on the battlefield by Russians. Not sure how much to trust such editorials, of course.)

Anyway, if any history buffs are lurking, I'd appreciate advice on where to look for further information!
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Go to radio:- especially the excellent BBC.

also use search term "the Second War of Independance" as you will find more sources from the other side.
I have a vague recall of a journalist dispatches being useful but hopefully someone with a better memory will be along soon
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Sorry in advance if this is obvious, and something you've already done. I'm not sure what level of skill and experience you're bringing to this.

Do you have access to an ebscohost search from where you are? If so, search for Crimean War in the Academic Search Premier and (at a guess) Military and Government databases, and you should come up with a ton of book reviews, as well as some full articles. Scan through them for first person accounts, social histories focusing on ordinary soldiers, and anything that mentions prisoners specifically. Then track down the books themselves.

If you can't legitimately access ebscohost from your location, this link seems to have some valid login details and instructions on how to use them.
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There's also the Crimean War Research Society. Maybe they could help?
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Thanks to all of you. Jstor and other databases (like ebscohost) have been one of my mainstays. guess it's time now to start sending off emails to the authors I've been reading! Cheers!
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Sorry if this is obvious as well, but do investigate the history of the Red Cross and the Geneva Conventions, two things that came out of the Crimean War. It's a fascinating but under-researched part of history.
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