Unable to pin items to the taskbar
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In Windows 7, why can't I pin items to the taskbar?

No idea what I did, but on one of my Windows 7 installs (Bootcamp VM, 64bit) I can no longer pin items to the taskbar. Yes, I Google searched, and everything that comes up is similar to this: Fix Unable to Pin App to Taskbar and Start Menu (Missing Context Menu and Jump Lists) Error in Windows 7. But that doesn't help me because:

- Shortcut icons still have the shortcut arrow.
- I can still pin items to the start menu, just not the taskbar.
- Sure enough, HKCR\lnkfile has a string value IsShortcut = "" (which is what I think it should be based on other machines that work).
- Also, HKCR\.lnk points to lnkfile like it should.

Even if I browse to the executable itself, I still can't pin it to the taskbar. Uggg... what did I break? Here's some of my taskbar settings in case it's relevant:

- Lock the taskbar (I've tried it unlocked though)
- Use small icons
- Location: bottom
- Buttons: Always combine, hide labels
- Notification area: show all icons
- Toolbars: none

Again, these are the same settings I'm using on other machines and it works fine there.

The annoyance level here is about 3 out of 10, which means I'm not going to be reinstalling Windows just to pin items to the taskbar. But I would love to know what secret setting is keeping me from doing this...
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This gave me a little trouble at first too, and maybe you're already doing this, but I found that I couldn't just drag the icon down there and have it stick, I had to left click to set the icon in place.
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Best answer: Nevermind, I found it!

- Run: gpedit.msc
- User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Start Menu and Taskbar
- Do not allow pinning programs to the Taskbar

That was set. As soon as I changed it to 'Not Configured', re-logged in, things started working again.

I was editing some group policies on my local machine a couple weeks ago. Something must have gone wrong and one of them applied. Wonder what else made it in there...
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