What cheese is this?
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Help me find out what type of cheese this is! (It tastes like the Handi-Snacks cheese)

My coworker brought me back a large amount of cheese from Holland about a week ago. However, he cannot remember what it was called or the translation of it. I will try and list as many clues as I can:

1. A part of the packaging says "Noord-Hollandse Gouda"
2. It tastes JUST like those Handi-Snack cracker packs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handi-Snacks
- Except creamier and more "real" tasting.
3. I would probably call the texture semi-hard.

Hopefully someone has a clue as to what this is. I love this stuff. Been eating it with just about everything for the last week. Thanks!
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Sounds like it's Gouda -- the real, Protected Geographical Status, deal.
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Your clue was on the packaging -- as katemonster says, it's gouda. Not aged gouda -- it's drier, more crumbly, and has a more caramel-like flavor.

Look for Dutch gouda that doesn't say it's been aged.
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That's interesting. I thought it was gouda too but my coworker was adamant that it wasn't. I guess I will have to get some more and compare!
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Before I even came into the thread, I was thinking gouda (because it tastes sort of like handi-snacks). If your adament coworker can't tell you what it is, then they obviously don't know what it isn't either.
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Where are you located? I LOVE Marieke Gouda, particularly some of the younger varieties and (if you're feeling like branching out a little) the foenegreek/Fenugreek, which is slightly sweet.

Looks like you can get it at Whole Foods nationwide.
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(btw, gouda with caraway is heavenly)
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Agreeing with everyone else that it is what it says it is on the label.

There's a relatively inexpensive red-rind gouda you can get from Kroger's/ King soopers (and I'm sure you can find similar cheeses everywhere) that you might try. It's semi-firm with a creamy texture. Gouda's a good way to get into "serious" cheeses without taking things seriously because of those attributes. You can make great tarts out of it, add it to salads or use it in sauces. Very versatile.
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I don't speak Dutch, but I'd venture to guess that Noord Hollandse Gouda means "North Holland Gouda."
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I'm new to the Netherlands, but katemonster has it at least slightly wrong. It isn't "Gouda" with the real Protected Status, if only because the name doesn't officially have protected status yet. Noord-Hollandse Gouda IS protected already, though, so you've got that for sure.

Based on my experience, what you have may be jong belegen, + or - one aging point on the scale.
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