How can I buy a pair of shoes only sold in the UK?
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How can I buy a pair of shoes only sold in the UK? There is a pair of Clarks that I want but the model is only available in the UK. The website will only ship with in the UK and the US retail stores can't order them. I have an email into Clarks UK and I'm awaiting an answer. I don't know anyone in the UK so I cant ask them to buy them and ship them. Is there a way I can buy them and get them to New Jersey? Some sort of shipping relay?
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Have you checked eBay, or online (re)-sellers both based in the US and UK? Some UK shops might ship to the US.
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What shoes? Maybe someone here knows a secret store that is selling them.
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I have bought from ShoesDirect in the past. They are a reputable store with good service - but be prepared for any store shipping from the UK to charge a bit - UK postage rates are not cheap.
Also, look at ClarksSale. They seem to have free shipping to both the UK and the US.
Finally, try eBay. You often see people with connections, who may be able to get you the style you want.
Whichever route you take, don't expect returns to be easy if the shoes don't fit. Find a good size conversion table - when I first arrived in the US, I found that my actual size was a half-size larger than the table indicated. If you find one that includes European sizing (cm measurements), that will give you a better idea of your UK size.
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