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Can you recommend a good auto body shop in or around Atlanta?

Long story short, I had a fender bender yesterday, and the other guy and I decided it would be best to just go on our way since no one was hurt and the damage to the cars wasn't bad. I do need to have my hood replaced though, and I've never had to have body work done in Atlanta before, so I know of no one to go to. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks.
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A friend had a good experience at Kong's on Cheshire bridge. For non-body work, I am very pleased with Automotive Service and Repair on Liddell Drive. If you asked them for a recommendation, I would trust them.
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Best answer: Decatur paint and body in clarkston (out past the dekalb farmers market). Mike has done a lot for me over the years. He is very accommodating and straight forward. I got a quote for a fix on my one of my last cars from someone else. It was over $800. Mike fixed it for $245 with original parts and carefully walked me through everything. I totaled my last car in the middle of the night and had it towed there. Mike called me by 7 the next day asking if I was ok. The insurance company underestimated the damage by $4k. Mike fought them for me. It was a relief to have someone I could trust and who knew he could have gotten $16k from my insurance company to repair my vehicle. He made nothing and helped me get my insurance settlement within 48 hours!
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It would help to know what type of car you have. I know a few places that are very good at getting body parts, but only work on specific types of cars.
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Response by poster: Decatur Paint and Body offered to do the work for half of the other places I took my car to. Thanks for the recommendation.
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