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I'd like to buy a clock for my husband, but I don't have any idea where to start.

My budget is around $1000 but I'm flexible in either direction. He doesn't like super modern looking stuff, so something very traditional or even rustic would be better. He's so much better at giving gift than me, that I would love to surprise him with something great. Thanks!
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Get him something antique! I grew up with a Seth Thomas mantle clock that had a wonderful hourly chime (I think you could set it to not chime, too). Looks like they go for under $300 on Ebay... (Bonus: I see the clock my parents had in, like, half of the 1930s films I watch, which I've always thought was super neat).
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It might not be his cup of tea, but I think Roger Wood's Klockwerks clocks are pretty awesome. I was given one by Mrs MM and I love it.
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Maybe a geek clock would make him happy?

I honestly love anything from this website. I know it's way under budget but maybe you could combine things...
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Chelsea shipstrike clock. The "ting-ting" is either magical and charming to you or it is a nuisance.
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I came in to mention the Chelsea shipstrike. They are beautiful, very traditional and elegant, and look great on a mantel or in a bookcase. They're small, the face is only 4.5" wide and then it has a brass frame of an inch or two, so would not be great for seeing across a long distance or for decorating a wall. They're very heavy, and the body is circular so you might want a wooden "u" shaped holder to set it on (Chelsea sells them and they're pricey). Chelsea also sells barometers and other things of that sort in matching finishes, so if you really want to go to town, you can get a set of clock plus barometer and a wooden "w" shaped holder.
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