How can I combine form information, attachments, and references, oh my?
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Is there an elegant way to process submissions for an award that can collect information from an applicant via a form, supplemental information via documents, as well as reference letters?

I'm looking for a service/process out there that will allow me to embed a form onto a CMS to collect information about an award applicant via a standard form and allow them to submit supplemental information like a CV. In addition, I need to also collect references, which are usually sent to me in a separate email.

Ideally, I'd like to eliminate all the extra emails and streamline the process as reference emails have to be matched up to applicants, etc. - it would be great if I can just get all this in a single email, or be able to access this information online for the applicants in a simple way (that doesn't involve an expensive custom solution) Is there any service out there that can provide this?

Please note I cannot install scripts on the server, this has to be a solution that can be embedded, done over email, or conducted on a third-party site.

Thanks AskMeFi!
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Formstack will get you most of the way you want to go. You design the form, tell it to accept attachments, and it both mails you submissions and keeps a database you can pull from on the Formstack website.

If people will need to send references seperately, I would do two forms in the following way:

1/ Submission Form

Person completes the form, adds their docs, submits. Gets a confirmation email, in which you have told FS to insert their automatically generated submission number. In the email, you tell them this is their Unique ID. You also in this email send them a link to the Reference Submission Form for their future use.

2/ References

In this form you provide a field for the person to put in their Unique ID and more upload fields for reference uploads.

You should be able to bring these two together in a spreadsheet or in your email client. I can think of several ways to do that but I'm not sure how joined you want them to be.
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