Looking for an obscure, tiny, indescribable object
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Where oh where can I buy more of this clever "clasp" for rubber tubing jewelry?

I was given a pendant strung on 2.5mm rubber tubing, and the necklace closure was a clever little gizmo that I'd love to buy more of. But my normally awesome Google-fu is failing me, and I can't find the product anywhere. The person who made the necklace bought the connector with the tubing at a bead show a while ago, but doesn't remember which vendor she bought it from.

You can see pictures of the gizmo here. I don't know if it's actually sterling silver or just silvertone metal. I probably should have included something to indicate scale, but the outside diameter of the tubing is 2.5mm, to give you a sense of size.

I have very low expectations that someone will be able to track this product down, but I'd love to be proven wrong!
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Best answer: You want a "soft glass tubing connector" as shown here.

It may also be called something else, but I got there from a google search of "Hollow rubber tube finding", then clicked the Bead&Button link. Then a search for "soft glass tubing connector" gives some choices. Enjoy. :)
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And if you want more colors of cord, or if you don't want the connector to show at all, what you want is pony bead lacing.
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Response by poster: Wow! That was quick, especially given how much time I've put into searching for the damn thing. Thanks, WowLookStars!
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