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Please recommend me some more radio/podcasts/other audio comedy shows that are similar to what I like, and which is made in the last 15 years.

Had a look at the previous questions, but the askers either had different tastes or I didn't recognise most of the shows they liked.

Note that the TV shows are just for reference. I would like audio recommendations because I'll be listening to it while travelling.


- QI (my favourites are: Stephen Fry, Alan Davis, Sean Lock, David Mitchell, Dara O’Brien, Clive Anderson, Rob Brydon)
- Little Britain (Radio series)
- That Mitchell and Webb Sound
- Russell Peters
- Blackadder


- The Unbelievable Truth
- Flights of the Conchords


- The IT Crowd


- The Mighty Boosh (Both Radio and TV)
- Little Britain (TV series – too realistic, don’t like Vicky Pollard and the character in the Wheelchair and the humour seems a lot grosser)
- The Office (any version)
- Margaret Cho (and a lot of other comedians who shout a lot, but she’s the worst because I don’t find her funny at all)
- Blackbooks (though I do like Bill Bailey on QI)
- Hitchhiker’s Guide

It seems like what I’ve referred to are almost entirely English series, but I can’t really remember ever listening to a radio series made elsewhere, and the TV series I listed kind of have the same “feel” as to what I’m looking for.

I think I like stuff that’s “happier.” I don’t really like things where the characters are in some crappy situation, or where they are miserable and mean. I particularly liked the skits in That Mitchell and Webb Sound where they would point out the flaws of well known stories or characters (eg. James Bond, sorting the students into houses in Harry Potter)

I would prefer stuff that’s made since 1998 or so, just to keep it manageable, thanks!
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I can't recommend The Bugle [iTunes link] highly enough. It's John Oliver of The Daily Show and his friend and fellow comic Andy Zaltzman. It has brought me nothing but joy over the last 3 years.
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Damn it! I've been beaten to it. It really can't be topped for sheer "we're going to hell in a handbasket so we might as well laugh at ourselves" hilarity.
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Best answer: Have you considered The Museum of Curiosity? It involves the QI production team and the first series featured Bill Bailey.

I would also point you toward the Friday Night Comedy Podcast from BBC Radio 4. This is available through iTunes. It is typically current events-related humor. I am not in or from the UK but can still enjoy these podcasts tremendously even without the background. Some of the writers have worked on many of the shows you listed above, such as Mitchell and Webb.

I'd also suggest you just go browse through the British Comedy section of Audible. That's how I stumbled across MoC, That Mitchell and Webb Sound, etc. That way you can play samples and get a sense of what's out there.
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I would assume that you already follow David Mitchell's Soapbox, but you didn't mention it: Series 1, Series 2, on iTunes
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Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist. It's a TV show, but the audio can be found in certain dark corners where buccaneers congregate. HINT, HINT.

In terms of standup, the "happier" side is mostly occupied by Jim Gaffigan, whose style is in the vein of Brian Regan. And Emo Phillips is still kicking around, too. They've all got great albums, and they're all featured on Dr. Katz. Oh, and Eddie Izzard, of course.

In the category of "not from the last 12-15 years, but I'm going to recommend it anyway, so there!" is Cheech & Chong. I wrote them off for the longest time for whatever reason, but once I listened to their albums I realized what all the hype was about. Great audio sketch comedy. And, hey, maybe grab some good old Monty Python and Steve Martin while you're digging through the archives.

You would probably love approximately 33% of Norm MacDonald's sketch album, Ridiculous. You would probably not enjoy the rest of it. (I may be wrong, however.) It's worth it for that 33%, though. It is a truly excellent 33%.
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I think you are going to really like the Adam & Joe podcasts. English, happy, really really funny.
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You might like some of the BBC's comedy panel games, like Just a Minute and I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.
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I would recommend 15 Storeys High and 15 Minutes of Misery, which are both radio series by comedian Sean Lock (of 8 Out of 10 Cats). It looks like you can listen to bits on 15 Storeys High was also developed into a TV series.

Also, another British radio show I acquired and enjoyed is Linda Smith's A Brief History of Timewasting.

Saturday Night Fry is an older Stephen Fry radio series with Hugh Laurie and Emma Thompson, among others. (Pre 1998, sorry.)
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Older then 1998, but Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister are available in mp3 format, and don't actually lose much, surprisingly.
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The 99p challenge falls within the 15 years timescale (but barely) and is another BBC radio comedy. Panel show with 4 guests and quick fire laugh every 10 seconds or so. As it is around a decade old then the only overlap with the people you mention above is Bill Bailey and Sean Locke who guest on it occasionally. Other guests include the excellent Armando Iannucci and Peter Serafinowiz- both of whom have other good radio comedy under their belt. (Such as the sublime Day Today which is available just now on the BBC iplayer).
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Presuming you're in the US, so don't get BBC7 - if you did, I'd recommend The Museum of Everything, Ed Reardon's Week, or The Very World of Milton Jones. If you can listen online outside the UK then that's a good place to try things out - between 10-midnight each weeknight they rebroadcast 'contemporary' comedy which more or less covers your period. I really like John Shuttleworth but given the series you don't like you might not get into it.

Do they need to be fictional? You might like Collings and Herrin.Also the Adam and Joe podcasts, but these haven't been updated for a while. I do like 99p Challenge too.

Presumably you know Flight of the Conchords started on radio?

Also, brilliant but a little older: On The Hour, Fist of Fun, Lionel Nimrod's Inexplicable World (both of which starred Stewart Lee) and Knowing Me, Knowing You. All of these are early-90s but well worth checking out.
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Oh - do try the Radio 4 comedy panel games. I hate Quote Unquote and am not keen on Just a Minute, but do like I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue (nb. this does not make sense often - it's like a gentler Shooting Stars for old light entertainers) and The News Quiz.
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I think I'm more picky than you. I would start with Answer Me This podcast (which is very much similar to QI in that it's quirky and funny, and charming). I simply love Helen and Olly, their stress-free zone, upbeat candor and wish there was simply more podcasts just like this one. In the last four months, I've used them as my commute entertainment and listened easily to the last three years of shows without getting bored or tired of it.
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fyi Kattullus: Answer Me This is run by Helen Zaltzman, the sister of The Bugle's Andy Zaltzman. I think Answer Me This is a bit more upbeat than The Bugle to be honest and doesn't lose anything in translation across oceans.
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Did you also check the program guide for BBC radio 7?
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Response by poster: Thanks, That's Numberwang!, loving the Museum of Curiosity.

I'll continue to mark best answers as I listen to them. Thanks guys!
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