Any place to buy EU cigs (Specifically Next Blue) online after PACT Act?
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Online cigarette buying question. The PACT Act shut down the operation of my wonderful supplier. Are there any alternatives besides paying (Gasp) retail or quitting? Any legit operations still running?

I've been a very satisfied customer of for many years. Unfortunately the PACT Act has, for now, put them out of business. My brand of choice is Next lights which is virtually unheard of here in the states.

What have other online cig buying mefites done since the PACT Act? Are there any alternatives?

Maybe there is some rogue underground distributor still operating that my google skills have not been able to find?

I Miss my Nexts that are free of that nasty fire resistant chemical; and I miss not having to pay an arm and a leg for something just because society decided this is a product which is unhealthy; and I miss being able to have my cigs come to me.
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Roll your own. Cheap, legal, and additive-free.
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Roll your own. Cheap, legal, and additive-free.

Sadly, one of Obama's other legislative accomplishments has been increasing the taxes on rolling tobacco so that it is no longer much cheaper than regular cigarettes.
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