Help finding a Book
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Looking for a copy of a book

I am looking for "The teamsters Humane Companion", written by Edward Lahman of Hannibal, Misouri. I have the copyright registration with the library of congress: They said they had no copies but the registration with the LOC copyright office said he turned in two copies on July 20,1920. Any ideas or tips on searching or locating would be appreciated. Thanks everyone for your help. UFR
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I am guessing you've already seen the entry in Catalogue of Copyright Entries: Part 1, Vol 17, Issue 1, (1920) - page 718, item 19782 which has the following information about the book. I'll copy it here in case it helps someone track it down:

Lahman (Edward)* Hannibal, Mo.
Teamsters' humane companion.
30, [1] p. 12mo. [19782
(c) July 10, 1920; 2 c. and aff. July 12, 1920; A 570667.

Are you sure it was a book?
It looks like it's listed in the part of the catalogue (Part 1 Group 2) that covers "Leaflets, Pamphlets, Contributions to Newspapers or Periodicals, etc; Lectures, Sermons, Addresses for Oral Delivery; Dramatic Compositions; Maps; Motion Pictures", but it has the code letter "A" which means that it's in the "leaflet, pamphlet, contribution to newspapers or periodicals" category. (The other things like sermons have their own code letters.) If it was a contribution to a newspaper or periodical, the listing would tell us which one. So I think it has to be a leaflet or pamphlet.

Do you know anything else about it?
If it was produced by some teamster organization that he was involved with -- maybe a national group, or a union local in the town where he lived? If so, that organization might have an archive that you could contact, or maybe even the local historical society might have a copy (or know how to get one)?
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Is this Teamsters like the union or Teamsters like people driving teams? A 1920 date could mean either. I found the LOC copyright registration as well. Curious but not totally surprising that they don't have copies. They're working on a horrible backlog and do some fairly serious selection as well. I guess my answer would depend on which teamster you are talking about and what other information you had.

If Lahman is from Hannibal, as opposed to just having been published in Hannibal, you might want to start with either the local library. They have the Polk Directories online which is sort of cool. There was a C Edward Lahman living in Hannibal in 1920, wife named Margaret. Still there in 1922 and 1925. Looks like he died in February 1940 according to the death index. The town newspaper has been around a while, though you'd never know it from its website.

If the Teamsters are the labor union, I'd call the people at the Bobst/NYU/Labor Archives. They have an incredible amount of labor history archived and are genius librarians. If it's horse driving, you might be better off talking to someone like Small Farmer's Journal or other people keeping these sorts of traditions alive.

And then there are the local historical societies most of which have teeny web pages but probably very sharp people staffing the phones and/or mailboxes. You're more likely to find something like this locally in someone's shelf under "local authors" than by doing any sort of typing into a search box. If you have more info, maybe someone else can give you some more pointers.
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I checked Worldcat but it wasn't in there.
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Response by poster: I really don't know anything else about it except the fellow was my grandfather and there was very little left in the estate that wasn't auctioned off eons ago. However I found the copyright card with the info. In all probability it could be a pamphlet or a very small volume; that I don't know. Mr. Lahman had a farm and mule teams: Before he moved to Hannibal: and that basically is all I know.His wife was a wonderful grandmother and talked about him to me about mules and horses...Years ago: Just thought it would be fascinating to find a copy. Thanks everyone for the help!
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So it sounds likely that the pamphlet/book is about how to humanely treat mules, rather than being something about the Teamsters union.

You might try emailing or calling someone at the Hannibal Missouri Historical Society or Marion County Historic Society (try 573-221-0006 for the Marion County Historic Society) and asking if they have any ideas. Another thought would be to ask the historic society people if they know of a "farm museum" or something of that sort in the town/county, or anyone in the state university extension service who might have an interest in this sort of thing.
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