Trying to find a particular NYC restaurant.
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NYC restaurant help--trying to find the name of a place reviewed by the NYT within the past year

I believe it was reviewed in the past year--my slogging through NYT index/search has been unsuccessful. The place serves a very limited menu oriented around steak (in the French style?), is large, was noted for the limited menu, the speed of service, the costume-like uniforms of its wait staff. Received a generally favorable review as a neighborhood place one might dash into for dinner. I believe it was the reincarnation or expansion of an old school restaurant. Maybe in Murray Hill? (Could be off on that)

I know that's kinda sketchy (which limits my Google potential). Anybody?
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Best answer: Le Relais de Venise. 52nd and Lex.
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Response by poster: Ding ding ding ding!!!

Thank you!
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