Sometimes a briefcase is just a briefcase.
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In the fourth episode of Rubicon, the show's main character, Will Travers, is given a rather nice briefcase as a gift. Does anyone happen to know what kind of briefcase it is?

One of the subplots in this episode, "The Outsider," had to do with the briefcase in question. If you watch this video, there are two decent looks at it: one around the thirty-six minute mark, when Will takes it out of the bag (said bag looks like it says "WR" on it, but that could mean absolutely nothing); and the other around the forty-one minute mark, when Will looks at it for a moment before stashing it in a corner.

Anyone out there who could identify which briefcase this based on these two, er, brief looks at it? It's a nice-looking case, and I'd like to know exactly how far out of my price range it is. :)
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A co-worker has a daughter who works on the show. I passed this question on and he passed the answer back:

"The briefcase is a Jack Georges 4505 Elements Classic in Black." Looks like it will set you back about $400.
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Yep, that's the one. Thanks for finding out for me, and confirming that yes, it is a little outside my price range for the time being!
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