Where to buy a 2nd hand PS3 from for £100-£200?
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Where are some decent online second hand, Classified-type forums that I can get a 60gig Playstation 3 for £100-£200

I am keeping an eye on GumTree, AVForums (Forsale Board), and piknbike (bicycle site, sometimes consoles are advertised) But other than that there is eBay - that I would rather not buy from to be honest, have had too many bad experiences with 'sniping'.

But any one know of any other online forums that would list people selling there used ps3's, or any other way of getting a cheap yet non-broken one?
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Craigslist is hardly used in the UK at all. You'll get the best price quickest on eBay simply by virtue of its popularity with sellers. If you have bad experiences with sniping, just snipe yourself - you seem to have a fair price in mind.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answer Turkey. You are completely right about cragislist - otherwise Im sure cragslist would be my homepage!

How does one find out more about "sniping" on ebay then? Is it a program or does it require lightning fast reactions?
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Best answer: Sniping in my experience requires nothing more complicated than the ability to NOT BID AT ALL until the very last five seconds. Just sit watching the auction run down and keep refreshing the page. I never bid on anything on ebay until the last minute, which I guess makes me part of the problem (sorry). No point pushing the price up until you have to and giving your opponent the opportunity to outbid you!

As well as the places listed, you might want to give your list of spec requirements to any friends or family who work in semi-large businesses. I work in one of these, and we have a 'classifieds board' online which is basically Gumtree for internal people. I imagine a number of offices might have something similar - you (or in this case your inside contact) can post a request and a price, or just wait and hope someone is selling. Posting a request sometimes jogs someone into thinking 'oh here's an easy way of selling that old thing!' when they might not otherwise have posted the ad.
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Response by poster: Thanks citands, turns out that we found a super cheap one on "Preloved.com" but even though, I really like your idea and am going to take that on when wanting to buy / sell more things. I understand what you say when it has to be a relatively large place with enough people but even withstanding that - fantastic idea Citands! Thanks a lot.
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