Hide GMail "helpful tips"?
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I have two separate Google Apps for your Domain (paid) accounts. In GMail, on only one there is this really distracting "tips" line of text under the inbox that changes every minute or so. It says things like "Add a personalized signature to all your outgoing messages" or "Google Checkout: Sign up for faster and safer shopping." It is right over the inbox use percentage in bold green and since it flashes when it changes it makes my monkey brain think I have a new mail and I look over at it. How do I get rid of it? It is not on the other one so there must be a way.
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It sounds like what the free gmail calls "web clips", and there's a page in the Settings for them.
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Response by poster: Nope, web clips are off.
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I have it on both of my accounts (regular Gmail and GAFYD Gmail). Do both of your accounts have the same theme?

I also just checked the administrator settings, and there's nothing there suggesting I can remove it -- though I have the standard version, not the paid.
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I know what you are talking about, but nothing I do seems to hide it (I am also on google apps, but free, like polexa). Maybe ask in the gmail support forum?

Some workarounds: Can you shorten up your browser window so that you don't see it when it changes? Or increase the number of conversations shown to make the page taller in your browser window?
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Response by poster: Hmm.. I tried the theme of the one that doesn't show the tips on the one that does and the tips are still there. I am thinking perhaps since domain A with no tips was opened right when GApps for domains was launched i got in on some server that doesn't show tips. I'll probably file a case with google, that's what i pay for anyway...
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