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What's the best way to increase my sinus/head Shiatsu-fu?

I get terrible sinus headaches, especially as the seasons change. Typically they last for 5 days and then are gone for several months. Traditional, medical, cures leave me light headed and "drugged up". Of course I will resort to Sudafed or Tylenol sinus for the worst periods, but regular Claritin usage leaves me feeling pretty "cracked out" and I'd like to avoid that.

I've found great success with some Shiatsu massage techniques to relieve sinus pressure. A quick Google gives me these as examples:


There's even some Youtube videos for those looking for further explanation.

From a practical point of view, these guides are useful, but I can't help but feel I'm missing some deeper understanding of the techniques (shiatsu is ancient... right?). I'm not necessarily looking for relaxation or meditation (though that might be a core skill), just amazing finger skills to drain my head.

So, Mefites, is there a better, recommended, web resource I can find online that goes into more details about sinus shiatsu? Should I look at local university classes (NYC)? Any personal experiences you can share that might help?
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I am not familiar with any shiatsu at all. This is off topic, but will show up here sooner or later. Try a neti pot. They are cheap, drug free, effective, and wonderful. With regular use I can avoid most of the regular sinus problems of my youth.
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Oh. My. God.

I thought you were crazy, but that neti pot is the single best thing I've ever tried for my sinus problems.

Thanks very much ;)
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yay neti pot! i love mine and am glad you got one.
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