Autotune my desperate efforts
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Autotune for the amateur non-singer parodist - can it be done for free?

I am an adequate guitar player and have written many parody songs based on existing chord structures - like weird al only less talented. The whole autotune thing has me wondering how easy it is to use such tools to create a body of work where I can sing my words and not make it sound like ten cats being strangled. I have recorded my guitar on audacity but I am tuneless vocally! Is there a simple, free solution?
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AnalogX Auto-Tune. I believe it's Windows only.
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Best answer: Unfortunately spiderskull's link is to software that changes the pitch of an entire sample; it's meant for things like sampling single notes from instruments. It doesn't retune vocals.

Something like GSnap or Autotalent is what you're after, I think.
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Best answer: Gah, le morte de bea arthur is right. I got AnalogX's plug-in confused with another program.

I'll just add KeroVee (although I haven't tried it) to the list.

To use VST plug-ins in Audacity, by the way, you'll have to download the VST Enabler. Instructions and link here.
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Reaper comes with ReaTune, has a no-knobble 30-day trial period (and only costs $40 after that). It might be a little overkill to get a whole new DAW just for the tuning plug-in, but you might find that you want to switch up to a more capable DAW if you continue recording songs anyway.
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There is an iphone app that is pretty cheap but I haven't actually tried it.
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