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I have VIP tickets to a taping of the Colbert Report at the end of this month. I'm wondering what that means with regards to the show. Googling seems to indicate it's just a time-frame don't need to stand in line and are sat first. I'm wondering if any other perks go along, like perhaps [squee!] meeting Stephen.
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We had VIP tickets for the Daily Show. This meant we had good seats in a special section and didn't wait in a long freezing line, but no other perks. It might be different for Colbert, but I suspect it's not.
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Ditto what chelseagirl said.

Also, if you stood in line with a regular reservation and didn't get in, they'd give you VIP tickets for another show so you'd definitely get in next time.
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If you do get to ask a question during the pre-show Q&A, might you consider inquiring into his plans for the Restoring Truthiness rally?
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I went to a Colbert Report taping a few years ago. The key thing about VIP tickets is that they get you seated first, so you only have to show up an hour or so before taping starts. Regular joes have to arrive several hours early to beat out fellow fans for a decent seat, and even then, there's no guarantee you'll get in, especially if you're near the back of the line.

As for meeting Stephen, you don't need your tickets -- just patience and/or good timing. I know from chatting with an employee at the time that he generally leaves the studio after hours through the front entrance, so if you hang around long enough (or grab a quick bite to eat and manage to get back before he goes home) you have a good chance of catching him on his way out. It's totally up to him how much gladhanding he wants to do, but when I met him (plus Strangers With Candy alum Paul Dinello) with a group of 4-5 other fans, he was happy to sign a couple of autographs and take a few pictures. He's a really generous guy, but obviously tired after working all day -- just be quick about it!
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