Which Chinese artist paints round cars in rural American landscapes?
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Looking for a Chinese painter who paints "round cars on the rural roads of America." Last name probably starts with "z".

That's all the information I have to go on.

I'm asking for a friend who is invaluably helpful and is always finding and organizing information for me, so thanks in advance for helping me / her out.

As a bonus, here's some amazing work by a Xiao Xiao Wan I found while looking.
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There was a Chinese American watercolorist, Dong Kingman, who painted roundish 1930s-40s cars in various places -- this is not a great example, but is mostly characteristic of his work. I doubt he's who your friend is thinking of, but maybe he is of interest anyway?
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Best answer: Z. Z. Wei?
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Response by poster: Thank you Fleebnork! You got it! She's very happy!
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Glad to help! Some friends of mine own a Z.Z. Wei original, so it rung a bell.
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