recipes with prune juice?
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What can I make with unsweetened prune juice?

Bought prune juice for the obvious reasons and happily don't need it anymore (knocking on wood right now). Is there anything I can make with it? I'd love a good muffin or cake recipe that uses it!
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You can make these short ribs! They're so easy and yummy. If I don't have bottled teriyaki sauce on hand, I just use 1/2 c. soy sauce and some minced ginger and garlic and a couple tablespoons of rice vinegar. If you have scallions to throw on top at the end, all the better.
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This sounds wacky, but my mom uses it to make rice (in place of water) and it is amazing with sweet & sour chicken.
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Chocolate, Walnut and Prune Fudge Torte
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When you make Bircher Müsli, you soak the oats and dried fruit overnight in fruit juice. Prune juice works great for this.
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I use it to marinate chicken wings before baking. Gives them a nice color and taste.
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When I had some extra prune juice, I found a few recipes using it on the Sunsweet website. My plan was to do the chicken lettuce wraps, except with tofu.
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Marinate any kind of meat in it, use it in any sort of stew, and sub it for stock in almost any recipe.
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I see most of these are in a more carnivorous route than I had planned, but they sound interesting! thanks!
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