Recommendations for a discrimination lawyer in Chicago?
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Asking for a friend: Recommendations for a good discrimination lawyer in Chicago?

I'll try to keep this short and relevent. My friend's father, who lives in Chicago, operates a very small restaurant (I believe it's a mostly take-out joint, with a few small tables up front where customers can eat after getting their food at the counter). The only restroom is intended to be employees-only (in the way back, past the kitchen and down a very narrow hallway), but my friend's father (call him MFF) lets customers use it if they ask.

Recently a woman in a wheelchair came into the restaurant and asked to use the bathroom. She was unable to do so due to the size of the hallway. Now she is threatening to sue for "mental humilitation" and for failing to comply with the ADA. She has sent a copy of the federal complaint which she intends to lodge (though it hasn't been submitted yet). This draft complaint was attached to a 3rd letter/notice of intent to sue. (She sent 2 previous letters, but for whatever reason -- poor English is a definite possibility, as MFF is a first-generation immigrant -- MFF had ignored these and said nothing to anyone. No one else was aware of this until my friend opened the 3rd letter and freaked out.)

We have another lawyer-friend who took a look at everything, and told MFF that the first step is to hire a local lawyer who can practice in IL to respond to the letter. Our lawyerfriend believes the case would be thrown out if it actually reaches court and that the woman is hoping to get $ by settling beforehand, but unfortunately, MFF's business has not been doing well in the last few years; my friend said that if MFF has to pay even $5k, he'll go out of business.

So my question is: Can anyone recommend a discrimination (or small business?) lawyer in Chicago with reasonable fees? Actually, does anyone have experience with this type of law and can give info on what those fees might look like?

MFF is Korean, so bonus points if anyone can fill that bit of criteria. His English-speaking daughters will be able to help with communication so it's not a dealbreaker if not.
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Everyone is entitled to representation.

This list might help.
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Response by poster: Everyone is indeed entitled to representation, and I am, in the abstract, glad to live in a country where people have the freedom to make what I see as poor decisions about how to exercise that right. But sometimes the abstract is harder to focus on than others!

Ironmouth, could you post the list you were referring to again? I don't think the link worked. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Ah--didn't refresh before posting. Thanks for the list!
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Here's another website that might help: Chicago Bar Association lawyer referral service.
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