What's the textbook for maths teachers?
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Teaching filter: What's the best book or online resource for a trainee maths high school teacher, you are aware of.

Hi, I have just started training to become a teacher.
My course requires me to learn a lot of theory aside from the classroom time which there is plenty on my course. I have the uni reading list, but I wondered if anyone out there, has found a really good book, or helpful website it's worth me looking act.

I will be teaching mathematics to pupils aged 11-19, though any general books are also appreciated.

I've tried to keep this brief, though happy to expand if anyone wishes.
Thanks in advance.
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The National Council for Teachers of Mathematics has a fantastic website and a journal with a reasonable student e-subscription. There's rotating free articles as well.

For textbooks, I really like the teaching method employed in The Heart of Mathematics. Get a cheap edition since its just for yourself.

Your question is a little unclear - are you looking for general math texts and resources, or ones specifically for teaching?
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I put together a MetaFilter post on math education a while back. I found these articles (by Hung-Hsi Wu) particularly interesting:

Basic Skills vs. Conceptual Understanding: A Bogus Dichotomy

What's Sophisticated about Elementary Mathematics?

The link to the Kumon math curriculum (providing a simple, clear description of one possible sequence of steps) has degraded; here's the archive.org version.

For a more general discussion of classroom education, I thought The Learning Gap (by Stevenson and Stigler) was quite good. Paul McFarlane has detailed notes and commentary; transcript of a talk by Stigler.
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Thanks for the great links so far. Those articles by Wu are particularly relevant. I'll try and work down that MeFi post, when I have some time.

Wulfhere: I guess I was looking for more teaching/learning focussed links. Though if you know of a good maths one (such as betterexplained) then I would also be grateful.

I'll mark the question closed, as I have more than enough to go on for the moment.
If anyone else finds anything feel free to post below.

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