Help me with Adobe/iPad issue!
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Is there an adobe app available that will allow for data input on a pdf form on an iPad?

I have a client that is looking to use the iPad to fill out customer information on a pdf when he goes to give estimates at client's houses. Currently we can pull up the .pdf on the ipad, but are unable to fill in any text whatsoever.

Is there an adobe app that would allow us to open the pdf form AND be able to input text?

Thank you in advance!
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I am not an expert but I think you'd have to use something like Bento for this. Some limitations.
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There's Zosh, which claims to let you fill-in PDF documents. I have no experience with it, though.

Word is that ReaddleDocs will be adding PDF form fill-in support sometime in the future. Nothing definite that I've seen, though. It may be a bit of overkill, though.
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There is as yet no application for the Ipad that facilitates data input into an Acrobat form. (Zosh will allow you to "draw" ontop of a PDF or other document, but it's not actually using the form functionality.) No doubt this will change someday, but there is no solution available right now. The PDF reader applications developed for the Ipad are all apparently implementations of "preview" for Acrobat, and thus don't accommodate forms, annotations, or other alterations of a PDF file. Basically, the Ipad community has to wait for Adobe to release a native version of Acrobat Reader. There's a discussion on an Apple support forum that suggests this may be awhile (for technical reasons), and we all know that Adobe and Apple are not the best of friends these days.

Bento (an implementation of Filemaker for Ipad) is indeed one alternative, and it is indeed limited. A third alternative is to build the form in HTML and PHP as a webpage and send the data back to a server (your client would be out of luck if out of network range, though).

If the client is more interested in getting business done than justifying the Ipad purchase (perhaps it can be returned?), consider suggesting a tablet netbook that runs Acrobat perfectly (and also costs less).
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