Hosted Microsoft Windows Server 2003 in Brazil?
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I need a dedicated Microsoft Windows Server 2003 hosted in Brazil. I know nothing about Brazil, and I'm in the United States.

The best case would be for me to be able to copy my own VMware image down there. An alternative would be to run it on some kind of (EC2-like) cloud down there. A full physical machine would work, too.

I'll need Administrative access via the console. This machine will need internet access.

I don't speak Portuguese, unfortunately.

Any suggestions?
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Hostdime offers hosting in Brazil. Their brazilian site isn't in English but try contacting one of their US salespeople and see if they can help you out. If you're considering VMWare, a VPS rather than a dedicated server is probably what you want to look for -- these won't necessarily use VMWare as the host but it's the same basic idea of a virtual machine.
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I think I will end up with a dedicated machine because my needs will not likely fit into the most common offerings for a generic web server.
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