A bunch of roses for the victor.
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What is this saucy french song?

The song runs through the Japanese adverts for the Shiseido makeup line "Integrate". Tried looking up official sites and other versions of the commercial in the hope that the song credits would pop up.

I can't get this song out of my head, can anyone identify?

youtube link
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I can't seem to find the specifc song, but the singer seems to be Camille - at least, she also has similarly poppy a capella songs.
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I've been looking at this the other direction, and searching in Japanese also turns up Camille, and seems to indicate that the songs are originals for Shiseido. Here is where that information is all on one page, as well as the name of the model (Cecile Kishimoto) and a picture of a recent Camille album.
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It's definitely Camille - but I also didn't recognize the song when I first heard it, and I've listened to all of her albums. Luckily, there are French fans discussing this very question:


They seem to agree that it's a new song, not yet released, and that you can listen to it in its sexy entirely if you go to the main Shiseido website. The conversation seems to digress after that. But hey, if they can figure out anything else, and we can sorta translate it, maybe we'll have the answer. (I checked her official website and didn't see any press about it though.)
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ah, thank you! it does sound like camille. roses for you all!
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