roasted peanuts serving suggestion
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A soybean roaster has just given me a bag (about a pound) of freshly roasted, shelled peanuts, with skins still on. They are unsalted, somewhat larger than usual Spanish peanuts. Coincidentally, I'm probably going to meet a friend tonight, so how should I prepare these for eating with beer? Should I boil them, heat them in microwave, something else? I have various kinds of salt (Jane's, Lawry's, lemon pepper), Nawlins cajun seasoning, parmesan.
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I love roasting nuts with a drop of oil and a dash of soy sauce. Savoury-tastic.
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Best answer: If they're freshly roasted, skin on, just serve them as is. Maybe with a little sea salt.
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Best answer: They're cooked. Don't cook them again. How about making some little paper sachets and filling them with different seasonings to take along?
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Best answer: If someone gave you a freshly roasted chicken, or freshly roasted vegetables, would you take them home and cook them again? No.

They're peanuts. Add some salt, and eat them.
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Best answer: Yeah, I don't really understand your question. They're ready to be eaten right now. But if they're already roasted, you definitely shouldn't boil them.
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If you have a food processor, make some peanut butter. Throw in anything else you like - spices, garlic, herbs, etc. Spread it on anything. Eat it with a spoon. Wash down with beer. Yum.
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Response by poster: Thanks all for slapping some sense into me. For some reason I thought I should reheat them and serve them hot, which was not needed. I ended up trying two flavors: Cajun seasoning mixed with salt and Parmesan cheese (the cheap Kraft stuff in a can; you should see how small the can is in Japan) mixed with salt. The Cajun seasoning was definitely a winner; the Parmesan didn't stick, but was OK.
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