I saw dinosaurs, for real! I swear!
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Did I confabulate this, or did my very youthful self really play an early 90s DOS adventure game where you ran around with a group of dinosaurs trying to save the dinosaurs from extinction?

Did such a game really exist?!

Ill-recalled game features:
* First person perspective, played from the perspective of a human tribesman. Gathered a group of dinosaur friends (possibly with varying abilities) along the way who were represented through mini-portraits at the top of the screen. You may or may not have ended up with a female human love-interest tagging along.
* T-Rexes as villains who may or may not have had the last dinosaur eggs evarrrr?
* For some reason, I recall having some sort of musical instrument as an item that may or may not have related to a subquest about tracking down a wandering dinosaur tribe. (Maybe different dinosaurs played different instruments? Maybe this is a bleedthrough from recollection of Barney episodes)?
* It may have ended rather darkly with the dinosaur group finding the "last eggs," discovering they were duds, and goin', "Well, shit, no more dinosaurs no more! :( :( :("

I'm pretty sure my prospective game is not one of the Dinotopia games, in part because I think said game is older, and in part because the tone of the game was entirely too pessimistic to fit into the Dinotopia universe.
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Lost Eden
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Best answer: Sorry, meant to say it sounds like Lost Eden. Did it have awesome music?
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Response by poster: IT DID HAVE AWESOME MUSIC and that freaky spinning cube cursor and the portraits and the talking dinosaurs and oh God I remember going around this Citadel so much and everything! Thanks, Danila! =o)
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Yeah, I actually have a copy of this - great game! Looks like you can get it for around 99 cents - I can't believe it came out that long ago (1995).
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