What to do for a conservative sister's bachelorette party?
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What could be planned for a conservative sister's bachelorette party? She doesn't want strippers, but is not opposed to the idea of drinks. I want to do something special for her, but taking her out to a bar with her closest friends just doesn't feel right. Any suggestions?
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You have to do something a little bit embarrassing, so make sure you get her a veil and a sash.
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Home, lots of ingredients for silly mixed drinks, and ridiculous and/or home videos of her and her fiance so people can giggle and share stories and generally have a nice loud evening without having to be in a bar?
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Would she be interested in a piano or karaoke bar, or something like that? I'm thinking a bar with activities, so drinking isn't the sole focus of your night, and possibly with some potential for embarrassing-fun activities.
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Maybe a day at the spa- you can sometimes rent out areas at the spa and have drinks and messages, or hang out in a hot tub/ sauna. Its a fun way to relax and drink in a quieter, more intimate setting. Where are you located? I have a few places in mind...
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For my bachelorette party, my friends rented a cabana room at the Beverly Hilton. We went to a fancy restaurant for dinner, drinks at a bar, and had a slumber party at the hotel. The next day we just lounged around the pool. It was a lot of fun.
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My favorite bachelorette party ever was a classic teen-style slumber party (with alcohol, of course). Invite all your friends over, wear pajamas, make frozen margaritas and other yummy drinks with fruit in them, sing along to 80s (or whatever era you grew up in) pop songs using your hairbrush as a microphone, gossip about which boys are cute, watch girlie movies, and then fall asleep on air mattresses. It's silly and fun and delightful without being seedy or cliched, and it's a sort of perfect way to bookend the era of your life that began in your teens with the realization that you were a single woman.
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My bridesmaids planned an evening that included drinks at a fancy cocktail bar, really delicious tapas, a wedding-themed scavenger hunt for the guests on the way to and from dinner (I was the judge), and cake and movies and marginally embarrassing reminiscing about my awkward high school years back at someone's apartment. It was fun, didn't embarrass me in public, and there was nary a penis-shaped cake or stripper in sight.
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(Meant to add--I'm probably fairly similar to your sister in terms of not wanting a wild bachelorette party, so much so that my maid of honor made a point of calling me and telling me, "Don't worry, we're not going to embarrass you or do anything weird.")
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This may not be suitable for a "conservative" girl but how bout a drag show? Transgressive without being skeevy.

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Many local dance studios run one-off girls-night-out pole-dancing or belly-dancing lessons. No guys around, so it can be good clean girly fun, but there's still the slightly naughty angle.

Alternatively, group lingerie shopping, with a giftcard for the bride-to-be?
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My sister's bachelorette party was a lingerie shower with her best friends and my mother. The lingerie was the most risque thing there (and, really, it was very tasteful).
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Sounds crazy, but worked for a friend of my wife: paintball. Seriously, the ladies were all into it.

I'd recommend not doing it too close to the wedding though, just in case.
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I am not a lady, but I've been to a piano bars on a night when there were a few bachelorette parties in attendance, and it was a lot of icky misogynist stuff - "now the bride pretends to give a blowjob!" etc. It's too bad, because "night out at the piano bar" sure seems like a great idea, but I wouldn't recommend it, especially if your sister is more conservative.
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Girly Burlesque show? I know some conservative friends of mine thought they were being totally edgy at the mildest burlesque and had a whale of a time. All female audience might be good, or you could hire a dancer.

Also, people love bellydancers/bellydancing lessons. Maybe even Bollywood style, where everyone gets shown how to dress up in saris and whatnot.
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What about a cooking class? I don't know where/who would be good for this in [your area], but it might be fun to learn how to make dinner, then eat and enjoy it together.

Not really canonical bachelorette kind of stuff, but something that people might enjoy.
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How about a comedy club? My cousins took me to a comedy club and we had a great time. I'm really shy and the comedian made fun of me for getting married. It was so much fun for me!
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Retro ten-pin bowling, dressed in 50s fancy dress?
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A bar.
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We went to a wine bar for mine. I like wine, and good food, so it was great. It was a little bit of an upscale treat, and not as smoky and loud as hanging out at just a regular bar. No penis-shaped cakes or male dancers involved. For my best friend's bachelorette party, we had pizza and beer and watched stupid wedding-themed movies ironically. For my sister-in-law's we went to a piano bar (it was really crowded, and there was more than one person there in a fake veil). It was fun, and they didn't pull her on stage and embarrass her or anything. She's not a big drinker, either, so it was nice that the focus was on the music instead of just getting plowed.
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High tea, with extra champagne.
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Best answer: Spa day. I'm pretty conservative too, and my bridesmaids put together a half-day at a local spa and we all got manicures and pedicures and a 30-minute massage. They all brought snacks and mimosas and we sat around and talked and laughed. The spa cycled us all through (I think there were 8 of us) in about 4 hours. It was great!

Logistics wise, everyone paid for themselves, and I think they each paid about $100 each. The salon owner worked with them to plan it all out.
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Response by poster: Thanks to everyone to responded to this! There were some really good ideas in here, but I think the spa ideas were the best for this particular occasion.
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For my friend's bachelorette party, we went to a local spa and got massages and paraffin hand treatments and made our own scented lotion. After that, we had dinner and then rented a room at the Embassy Suites and had a sleepover (with a yummy breakfast the next day) It was lots of fun.
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Some of the best bachelorette parties I've been to simply ignored the whole bachelorette angle altogether. We've done: bowling, karoke, spa day, fondue, or some combination of those along with food and drinks. I love the painball idea, and the belly dancing one, too.
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