Who is Jen wearing?
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Please help my girlfriend identify and find a dress similar to the one worn by Jen in the IT Crowd, 2nd season, episode 4 - "The Dinner Party"?

It's specifically the dress worn at the dinner party. The fabric has a sort of shell or fan pattern on it. She thinks it might be wrap dress from Diane von Furstenberg, but it's a bit hard to tell. What she really loves is the color and pattern. Any tips on how she can find this dress or one similar to it?

The costume designer for this episode is listed in the imdb as Annie Hardinge. She appears to be represented by the Dench Arnold Agency. I have already send an inquiry to them at their contact address but I thought I would try here as well.
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Modcloth frequently has (cheaper) dresses like this .. these two are in the same vein, but perhaps not close enough?
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You could check Bluefly.com for similar dresses. I think I've seen a similar fan/shell pattern on a Nicole Miller strapless dress, but that has a different color... here it is. I know it's not nearly close to Jen's dress, but the general pattern is similar to me.
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If you can't find it, you could consider making your own fabric. Depends how much she loves it.
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No answer, but I wanted to thank you for asking this because I loved that dress too (and it never occurred to me to try to seek it out). I hope you get an answer!
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The style and print look a lot like a Diane Von Furstenberg design, especially the wrap.

(It's possible to find these on eBay as well...maybe it's from a few seasons ago?)

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The sleeve length, and the print, screams H&M to me (the particular way that H&M knocks off DVF, that is) -- they always have a wrap dress in the store. Examples from ebay: 1, 2, 3. Even if it's not right, she'll save a bundle going this route (if that's important -- maybe she's looking for an investment piece instead).
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Could be DVF or maybe Lilly Pulitzer. I'd check their 2007 spring ready to wear or resort collections. Similar ones can be found on Bluefly, searching for "wrap dress."
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