Name that 60s rock version of Gustav Holst's Jupiter
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Another name that tune: A 60s rock version of Gustav Holst's Jupiter?

I recently heard a fantastic rock song, and recognised the tune but couldn't put my finger on it. After playing it over and over in my head for a couple of days I realised that it was a small section of Holst's Jupiter. Not the main theme that was used for the hymn I Vow to Thee, My Country or the Rugby World Cup theme, World In Union - but the specific section heard here between 1:05 and 1:28.

I only realised how awesome the song was afterwards, so didn't pay as much attention to it as I should, but:
- Singer was singing the tune. I have no idea what the lyrics were.
- Guitar was playing along to the same tune.
- It sounded like it would have been from the late 60s or very early 70s. Slightly more rocking and psychedelic that mid 60s R&B like The Yardbirds, less noodly than mid 70s prog like Genesis or Yes.
- I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out it's by Cream or Traffic, but I haven't heard all their stuff, and can't see anything in their discographies that fits.

Imagine that theme in the YouTube clip but slowed down and played by a 60s power trio in the style of I Feel Free. This must be easy, but Google is reluctant to reveal the band's identity, and it's not listed on Wikipedia as far as I can see. Anyone?
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Weirdly, a later section of Jupiter (the bit starting at 1:44 in your link) is used in Frank Zappa and the Mother's "Call Any Vegetable" (about 14 seconds in here), but not the bit you call out. Maybe another Zappa tune? He quoted classical composers frequently.
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Could it be from the Tomita version?
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Best answer: How about "Joybringer," by Manfred Mann's Earth Band?
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Response by poster: Yes! Joy has been brought. A planet-sized thank you.
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related trivia: Jimmy Page adapted part of Holst's 'Mars' in the song 'Friends' on Led Zeppelin 3.
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