Men's haircuts in/around Havertown, PA?
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Men's haircuts in/around Havertown, PA? My friend has recently relocated to Havertown, PA. He would like to find a good men’s hairstylist—someone who, as he put it, “really understands men’s hair.”

He generally wears his hair short enough that he gets it cut every 3-4 weeks or so. If it helps, he's in his early 30s, hair is curly/very wavy and coarse, and it's starting to thin—which I think is what he meant when he said ‘understands men’s hair.’ He has also had a significant number of very unfortunate haircuts in the five years I've known him. (His judgment, not mine.) I've searched the archives and read/saved these three posts. I even used the Art of Manliness webtool for barbershops. Not sure if I trust yelp since I've read about some of their shady reviewing stuff.

Do you have updates since 2008? Anything closer to where he is? I'm used to approaching the area either from within Center City East or from Moorestown, so I'm lost when it comes to navigating or transit time w/r/t everything west of UPenn. I'm really unfamiliar with the area, and I don't want to be suggesting really impractical areas, but I'd like him to get his wish without too many 'trial runs.'

Thank you for any help/advice.

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Shaving Grace in Exton is geared for men. A little far from Htown though. I go to the Hair Cuttery in Lawrence Park and my girl Megan is great.

If you're looking for old school barbershop, try Fanelli's in Drexel Hill.
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