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Where, within a two-hour drive of Torrance, California, can I camp for one or two nights?

Preferably in a place that allows camping outside of designated campsites (e.g. forest where I can use my Hennessy Hammock) and does not dip too cold at night this time of year. I think Will Rogers Park has some areas that would work, any others?
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Best answer: Although it's on the outside edge of two hours from Torrance, there's plenty of wilderness camping to be had in the San Gorgonio Wilderness, east of San Bernardino. See the San Gorgonio Wilderness Association website for details.

Though you'll need to define "too cold". Currently lows are in the 40s, maybe chillier if you're camping on the peak, but there are no trees on the peak from which to hang your hammock, so I'm assuming that's not the case.
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I think Will Rogers Park has some areas that would work

From the state parks website, I don't see where Will Rogers State Park allows you to camp at all. Most state parks don't allow open camping - the only exception that I know of is Anza-Borrego, which may be a bit beyond your two-hour limit, and certainly won't have trees for your hammock.

Although I don't have any specific recommendations, National Forests or BLM land may be a good bet. You'll most likely need a permit to camp there or in a wilderness area, but getting one is usually a pretty trivial matter.
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Try O'Neil Park in Orange County. Real campsites, so no camping in the boonies but they might let you use your hammock. Lovely oaks and you'd be surprised at how many coyotes you'll hear within a stones throw of all those houses.
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Response by poster: Er, I guess I meant Topanga State Park, not Will Rogers. I hiked there recently (Musch Trail) and did see a campsite with campers.
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Check out the 74, which runs between orange county and lake Elsinore. There is running rivers, open camping (backpacking ok!) without a permit, and lots of open space and trails. Plus a really cool biker bar (hells kitchen) that is awesome for beers and burgers at the end of a long hike.
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